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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips for Swimming Pools


By far, the most regular complaint of swimming pool owners is algae. This is because the algae is visible and unsightly. Algae does not cause disease. It is a plant that turns sunlight, carbon dioxide and phosphates into food and provides nutrients for bacteria which can then multiply rapidly (and may cause illness). When there is algae present in the pool water, the chlorine is used up rapidly trying to combat its growth. This process has a tendency to raise the pH, thus decreasing the efficiency of the remaining free chlorine.
Unchecked algae growth can turn the swimming pool cloudy or makes the pool water green, which results in foul odors and tastes. Black algae, which is more difficult to control than green or blue-green algae, can also stain the swimming pools walls and floor.
Prevention is better than cure. Adequate levels of free chlorine will prevent algae from growing out of control. When algae growth is noticed, it requires harsh treatment. Usually, shock treatment with chlorine, an algaecide or treatments to remove phosphates are recommended.


Every swimmer knows clear, sparkling pool water makes you want to jump right in. A cloudy swimming pool is a sign that something is wrong with your pool care. The result is an uninviting pool and many hours fixing the problem. Often times, a trip to the pool supply store to purchase unexpected pool chemicals is also required.
Cloudy swimming pool water can result from one of several factors:
  • Chlorine level is too low
  • Pool water is not properly balanced
  • Level of total dissolved solids is too high
  • High levels of metals (discolored pool water)
  • Algae growth
  • Filter needs cleaning or servicing
  • Large quantity of phosphates in the pool water

Usually, in one visit, our CPOs can test and correct the above. After servicing your pool, the cloudy pool water problem should disappear.


If the swimmers complain about burning eyes and nose, or dry, irritated skin, there is most certainly a problem with the pool water chemistry.

This could be caused by various factors:

  • pH is too high or too low
  • Total alkalinity level is too low
  • Calcium hardness level is too high

By testing the swimming pool water and correcting these levels, the problem should disappear. Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool is a matter of safety for you and your family. If you have any doubt about balancing your pool water, consider hiring a professional.

D. Wendt Pool Services offer three service options that solve this issue:

  • Full service
  • Chemical clean

We are a full-service company offering pool maintenance and repairs.

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